Prime Woodcraft

Charlotte, NC

General Manager
Jahanzeb Zafar

Prime Woodcraft offers quality pallet disposal services at a competitive price.

Those of us at Prime Woodcraft believe in being green, and that’s why our pallet disposal is trusted throughout the country by companies both large and small. This means that not only can we handle small-scale projects with ease, but large-scale disposal operations are no problem for us at all. We provide custom solutions to all of our clients and their needs- it’s what separates us from everyone else. 

Pallet Disposal Through Quality Recycling Services

We’re present across a wide variety of states, but don’t think that makes us any less capable of handling your workload. In fact, we believe that makes us better. Our presence and services in multiple states has provided us with the perfect chance to learn how to prioritize work so that you are never left behind. We’re here to provide you pallet disposal services that are reliable, green, and most importantly, cost-effective. 

To get in touch with us regarding our services, feel free to contact us at the number above. If you are viewing this page during our off-hours, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll return your call as soon as we can.

minority owned business

We are proudly MBE-certified and ready to serve all of your pallet and container needs under the Prime umbrella.