Prime’s Specialty Wood Products Are Made With Your Supply Chain Needs In Mind.

Custom Pallets & Other specialty wood products

Custom Pallets:

Our odd-sized or custom pallets can involve dimensions according to customer specifications involving the thickness of the boards, the sizing of the pallet, and the different types of timber. At Prime, the specialty wood products service is centered around your specific needs and we build to the exact specs you require.



Our specialty wood products go beyond custom pallets and extend to be items such as crates that can be built according to your specifications. These specialty wood products can be delivered to your distribution center in individual parts or built to your plant needs. Our crates can be designed for one-time or multiple use.

Crane Mats:

At Prime, we maintain a high standard of quality in managing reused and pre-owned crane mats, where each crane mat is individually examined, sorted, and categorized by condition before warehousing.

Our wood product specialists are excellent at what they do, and keep your risks low through strict quality assurance.

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