Our environmental recycling program provides solutions that reduce waste and reuse resources.

environmental recycling

High-quality packaging is necessary for goods to travel from manufacturer to retail securely. Sourcing options sustainably is a challenge manufactures often face. Our pallet management solutions are built to utilize green methods while meeting your needs.

Environmental recycling means customizing a corrugated and dunnage program based on your specific requirements. This provides convenience, results in increased productivity, and helps reduce waste.

Prime’s green philosophy focuses on implementing a streamlined, energy-efficient process that provides functionality and financial value. Minimizing waste and recycling can reduce greenhouse emissions, conserve water and energy and reduce solid waste.

Prime is a full-service expert in providing environmental recycling solutions, with a background in setting up several national recycling programs. We can:

  • Create and execute an efficient and cost-effective recycling program
  • Develop national environmental recycling programs through our various facilities
  •  Increase your revenue
  • Consolidate with other services including pallets, packaging, and 3PL services
  •  Improve operational efficiencies
  • Limit exposure to landfills by reducing your waste stream

Our environmental recycling programs include collection containers for in-house accumulation, equipment provision, training, and quantity reporting to support and maintain the program, as well as “Waste to Energy” projects.

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At Prime, our highest priority is to provide you with all your pallet management needs in the most efficient, economical, and environmentally sustainable manner. We are industry experts in delivering comprehensive solutions for everything you need—throughout the supply chain.

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