Our Pallet Recycling and Manufacturing Process Involves Efficient Solutions And Optimal Results.

Wood Pallet Recycling & Manufacturing

At Prime, we center on continuously developing and enhancing more practical, reliable, and environmentally sustainable supply chains. Pallet recycling and manufacturing empowers supply chain efficiency by refining handling processes and storage cost reduction.

Our process involves a closed-loop system where we obtain used and damaged pallets from our distribution centers, repair them at our owned facilities, and return them to the distribution centers. Within the pallet repair process, instead of using new boards we use, solid pieces from salvaged pallets for repairs, minimizing the need for new timber.


Practical, Reliable, & Sustainable Wood Pallets

With so many industries requiring their use, there are nearly 500 different types of pallets available, and many factors go into their variations. Specifications can include dimensions of the pallet, the number of nails going into the pallets, the thickness of the boards, and different types of timber. Prime’s pallet manufacturing is entirely customer-driven and built to the exact specs the customer requires.

In this period of heightened awareness of environmental sustainability, companies prioritize the efficient use of resources and sustainable habits. Prime proudly employs environmentally friendly methods that utilize every bit of the wood that comes our way—whether that means being part of the pallet recycling, repair and manufacturing process or becoming a wood by-product such as mulch or fuel products.

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We are proudly MBE-certified and ready to serve all of your pallet and container needs under the Prime umbrella.

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